Dr Peter Levy DC

"Getting patients well is important. Getting patients well QUICKLY is more important."  

That has been Dr. Peter Levy’s driving philosophy throughout his professional career. In an attempt to achieve this goal in his chiropractic practice he studied and used many soft tissues techniques. Yet he felt he was falling short of his ideal because he was dissatisfied with how long it was taking his patients to get well.

That changed after meeting Dr. Gary Glum, the founder of Neuromuscular ReeducationSM (NMR).  Dr. Glum treated him for a damaged shoulder that was preventing him from playing squash. After only three treatments, he was playing competitively again. He had finally found and experienced the power of a solution he could believe in.

Once he took Dr. Glum’s 4-day training seminar and introduced Neuromuscular ReeducationSM into his practice, he never looked back.

Feel improved or you don’t pay! 

That’s the bold promise Dr. Levy made to his patients. It may sound like marketing hype but his belief in this technique was so deep and well-founded that he could offer this with little risk. Fewer than 5% of patients got free treatment.

Starting from scratch in a 2nd office in Los Angeles, he went from zero to over $200,000 working only 3 days a week and without advertising.  In his Santa Barbara practice, he raised his fee to $100 for a 15-minute treatment with the same “feel improved or you don’t pay!” guarantee. Patients who wanted him to process insurance claims were charged $250 for filling out the forms.  Paperwork reduced dramatically as patients started to deal with their own insurance companies with a super-bill he provided to them.

And the patients kept coming…

Word spread like wildfire about his success.  Inactive patients returned. New patients kept coming. Highly-competitive professional athletes sought him out because they needed effective and speedy results.  He built an entirely referral-based practice with a long waiting list.

Cash flow improved. His practice was transformed – and with it, his life.

Best of all, Dr. Levy regained pleasure in his work because he could finally live out his ideal of getting patients back to normal life quickly.

Carrying this ground-breaking method to other health care professionals

Soon afterwards Dr. Glum wanted to retire from active practice. He was so impressed with Dr. Levy’s dedication to this method and his skill in using it, that he hand-picked him to carry on teaching Neuromuscular ReeducationSM.

For 25 years,  Dr. Levy has taught Neuromuscular ReeducationSM seminars to groups of highly motivated doctors, physical and massage therapists, and team trainers.  He was invited to teach NMRsm across the USA, in Australia, Kenya, South Africa, Germany and England. All their accreditation systems accept this technique.

Now he consults with individual practitioners and their support staff in their clinics. He trains them in the technique and helps them integrate it into their  practices. At the same time, he helps them modify their practice management systems to reduce paperwork and overhead.

The beauty of this system is that you can put it to use right away on Monday morning after the seminar. If questions come up Dr. Levy is as close as the other end of the phone or by email.

Approved for Continuing Education Units by Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA. 

Please check with your state board for verification of CEU hours.

Dr. Levy is the only approved instructor for Neuromuscular ReeducationSM for CEUs through Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA.

He is ALSO approved for CEU credits teaching Neuromuscular Reeducationsm ONLINE ! …possibly the only doctor in the country to be approved to teach a hands-on, one-on-one, coaching course via this medium.

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He lives in Santa Barbara with his three beautiful daughters and yes, those are twins!

With 649 Muscles In The Body, And 207 Bones, There Is A Great Need For Superlative And Specific Soft Tissue Work.

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