Are you tired of traveling to another city, paying for a seminar,  spending more money on lodging and food and  being away from your family….. just to get Continuing Education Units for your annual license?

What I often hear upon reading the evaluation forms after one of myseminars is, “Great seminar, great technique etc…..” (you can read the testimonials for yourself)….and what I also hear is, “I wish there was a way to get more one-on-one coaching.”

We have one of the best ratios of teacher to student of any hands-on course, about 1:12 and yet there is still a demand for personalized training.

People frequently return from a seminar excited to implement what they've learned and yet, come Monday morning they fall back into the busy-ness of business and whatever they've learned falls by the wayside without practice.

I am here to address and handle this issue.  Life Chiropractic College West has accredited me to teach this course, online, and via Skype, to almost any doctor or therapist in this country, if your state allows those credits for CEU.

What that means is that you can get four individual 1 hour sessions (once per week) per month for a 90 day minimum cycle. Within that time span you will learn the basic Level I (or Level II - The Extremities, if you have already taken Level I).

You will receive the link to the Online Level I or II DVD at NO CHARGE when you sign up (a $500.00 savings).

Your job is to learn the requisite muscles for the area we are practicing on;  the origins, insertions, actions, and synergistic muscles that  perform the same action.

Once a week you will have a person, preferably not a patient, on the table with your computer and video on Skype and I will be watching and coaching you through each protocol.

By the end of the 90 days you will have an opportunity to take your certification exam, online, via Skype.  To pass and be certified, you need to display CLINICAL COMPETENCE as you work on different parts of the patient’s body. It’s an open book test but you need to have the requisite skills to perform each protocol.

If you pass you will receive a Certification Diploma and your name, address, e-mail and phone will be posted on the web site under certified practitioners for your state.

Yours for great health and a growing practice.  I look forward to working with you!

With 649 Muscles In The Body, And 207 Bones, There Is A Great Need For Superlative And Specific Soft Tissue Work.

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