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How to Grow Your Practice, Increase Your Soft Tissue Skills and Confidence, and Increase Your Net Income with Less Time and Effort

Are you frustrated or burned out? Is there a niggling fear at the back of your mind that you’ll never get off the hamster wheel of managing staff and patients, dealing with insurance companies that aren’t paying when they should, working long hours and feeling constantly exhausted? When your time is eaten up with keeping the bills paid, it’s hard to switch off and have a life.

You’re not the only one.

Dr. Levy felt that way too after years of practice.  To be clear, he had a thriving practice yet he knew there had to be more to life than working hard.

He then discovered Neuromuscular ReeducationSM.  NMRsm is a hands-on technique to evaluate and successfully treat over 90% of the soft tissue injuries you’ll see in your practice, so that you free your patients from pain quickly.

From that point on, everything changed.

The financial and practical results he got from introducing this technique into his practice are within easy reach for you, too:

Fee Increase To $100 Per Visit
NMRsm helps you get patients back to the activities of daily living faster: your fees go up.  In Dr. Levy’s case, he generated $200,000 within a year of opening a new practice.  He was charging $100 a visit, based on RESULTS,  for a 15 minute appointment and working only 3 days per week.  And it only got better.

Referrals Pour In
Patients who are getting fast relief from stubborn, long-standing issues, are thrilled to refer friends and family to a competent professional like yourself.  You may even have to start a waiting list! As a welcome side effect, your marketing costs go down.

Paperwork Reduces Dramatically
A solid reputation for getting results means you can shift to a full or partially cash practice.  Imagine: no more need to fight with insurance companies!  You reduce paperwork, and refine patient management.  And best of all, fewer hours in the office mean more time for you to spend with friends and family, and to pursue the hobbies you’ve never had enough time for.

It’s Not Complicated
It simply requires doing the right things.  And everyone can use some help.  That’s where Dr. Levy comes in.  He consults individually with you to put you on the path to changing your practice, and your life, forever.

Using a combination of lecture and practical hands-on experience, he helps you to:

  • Learn NMRsm in one-on-one sessions in the privacy of your office, without incurring travel or lodging or food expenses.  (Dr. Levy can work with practitioners anywhere in the world via Skype).
  • Use this powerful, new technique to heal soft tissue injuries fast and become the “go-to” practitioner in town.
  • Integrate NMRsm seamlessly into your practice.
  • Develop business processes that reduce your paperwork, your practice overhead, and put an extra 5-10% directly into your pocket.
  • Manage patients to be compliant and take responsibility for their bodies.

And what’s more, if you have questions afterwards, you can always reach Dr. Levy easily by phone or email (he answers his own phone).

“I can unequivocally state that I can do more with my hands in a shorter time than with almost any piece of equipment or other technique.” - Dr. Peter Levy.

No One Else Offers This
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to build and streamline your practice without having to buy thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment and tools, or take expensive seminars that require annual renewal of your certification.

Get Started Today
This may all sound too good to be true.  But it’s not.  To offer you a taste of how powerful this technique is, Dr. Levy is giving you his NMRsm Shoulder Protocol to use at no charge. For the of you who are skeptical, cynical or just downright curious… how willing are you to bet on your own skills and ability to master an extraordinarily powerful technique?

Sign up at the bottom of the page for the free webinar, receive your free shoulder protocol, and test it for yourself.

Just so we’re clear: this is a FREE GIFT from Dr. Levy to you. No strings attached. Just a helping hand to put you on the path to growing your bank account with less effort, and for building a reputation for getting people well quickly.

Learn it.  Try it.  Then call Dr. Levy at (805) 637 8033 with any questions you have.



“After he worked on my right shoulder with NMR℠, the feeling, but more importantly, the functioning of the shoulder complex was nothing short of phenomenal! Dr. Levy takes you in 15 minutes where most doctors don’t take you in 15 visits. His session for the shoulder in particular is undervalued. No one has ever done what he has done and he will teach you to do in the 15 minutes shoulder protocol. Invest in this most worthwhile pursuit.”

Bernard Musselman, DC, RN, CSCS, CCSP – Long Beach, CA

With 649 Muscles In The Body, And 207 Bones, There Is A Great Need For Superlative And Specific Soft Tissue Work.

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