“….as far as I am concerned, being treated by anyone else would be a compromise.”

Dr. Gary L. Glum, Developer
Neuromuscular ReeductionSM Technique

What an experience!

“When Dr.Levy was done, I lifted my arms tentatively over my head and found I had an amazing new range of motion.”

James E. Wright, PhD, Editor,
Muscle & Fitness Magazine
October 1992 Issue

“My body feels looser and more agile, key components to feeling good as an athletic person.”

Nancy Glllette, Board Member
Aerobics Fitness Association of America,
October 93 Issue

“I have been to a number of chiropractors, an acupuncturist, physical and massage therapists. Neuromuscular ReeducationSM is the only technique that has made a significant difference in my body and allowed me to return my normal physical activities.”

David Hebel
Licensed Massage Therapist & Personal Training, Gold's Gym

“Dr.Levy and his Neuromuscular ReeducationSM allowed me to return to pain-free training, peak form and a new personal record.”

Elise McConnell
California State Sprint, Outrigger Champion, 1990-1993

“After 14 years of power lifting competition, Dr.Levy and Neuromuscular ReeducationSM allowed me to return to pain-free training, peak form and a new personal record.”

David Lewandowski, DC
1994 Winner, 198lb. Class,
World Natural Powerlifting Federation.

“I have found the most relief and freedom with Neuromuscular ReeducationSM because of its thoroughness and specificity. This particular technology takes the guesswork out of healing!”

Anita Morales
Personal Fitness Trainer
Comedic Actress

“I was on a 10-months tour in “A Chorus Line” doing 8 shows a week and I was suffering constant reinjuries. Dr. Levy’s application of Neuromuscular ReeducationSM handled my problems and allowed me to continue to perform my acting and dancing abilities to the fullest.”

Kelli Fish, Actress

“You have changed my life for the better and enabled me to treat myself and my body with complete understanding.”

Dana Carr, Triathlete

More pats on your back…

“Dr. Peter Levy is an excellent lecturer. His knowledge and passion for Neouromuscular ReeducationSM is second to none. Having undertaken many continuing development course’s that don’t deliver, Peter’s course is truly superb. Hands on practical skills along side a wealth of knowledge. His course gives practitioners the skills to implement their training with him easily within their daily practice. His passion is contagious, all of our course attendees are looking forward to him returning to the UK in the New Year to continue their training in NMRSM.

I can’t recommend Peter’s NMRSM course highly enough to all Chiropractor’s and body workers, interested in soft tissue work.  I look forward to working more with Peter in the future.”

Karyn Clark, DC
Evergreen Chiropractic, Letchworth, UK

Thank you

“This message gets to you about 9 1/2 years late. I was able to attend one of your seminars back in 2001. I had always been a big advocate of incorporating soft tissue work with adjusting. I just was not sure as to what technique to use, and how to incorporate it into my treatment plans. Well your one seminar changed all that and put me on a path that I can only say thank you for. I live in a small rural area with a population of approximately 4,000 people. I work 3 1/2 days a week and see approximately 145-150 seeing people form as far away as South Carolina (I live in New England). I also have patients that travel in from the larger cities to come see me as well. My practice sees everyone from new born babies to 90 year old patients.

As a result of my ability to treat soft tissue injuries I see a large portion of the local athletes, along with most of the local high school teams as well. So one again Peter Thank you. I hope this email finds you well.”

Martin Streb, DC
Hubbardston Family Chiropractic

…how beneficial to everyone I touch.

“I didn’t necessarily realize the tool you had given us, through NMRSM, and how beneficial it would be to everyone I’d touch.”

Abby Delgoffe, DC

Dr. Levy takes you in 15 minutes where most Doctors won’t take you in 15 visits

“One of the reasons I took this seminar was to get worked on myself. I have to say that after he worked on my right shoulder with the NMRSM he teaches in the class he was able to take away a positive apprehension test and make the shoulder feel like it was never injured(and it was dislocated more than 100 times). The feeling but more importantly the functioning of the shoulder complex was nothing short of phenomenal! Dr. Levy takes you in 15 minutes where most Doctors won’t take you in 15 visits. His understanding of the body and how it functions, how to break up adhesions, and “re-educate” the body to perform optimally is well worth the seminar fee. His session for the shoulder in particular is undervalued… no Doctor has ever done what he can do and hopefully teach you to do…in the 15 minute protocol. Invest in this most worthwhile seminar.”

Bernard Musselman, RN, CSCS, DC, CCSP
Long Beach, CA

NMRSM on just a limited part-time basis has allowed me to double my income!

“I personally experienced the remarkable benefits of NMRSM with several of my own injuries and found it superior to all the other soft tissue techniques out there. So in early 2005 I jumped at the chance to attend one of Dr. Levy’s NMRSM seminars. Dr. Levy is a superb instructor and guided me in my efforts to master the NMRSM techniques until I became certified a few months later. I work as the full-time Head Strength Coach for Pepperdine University Athletics in Malibu Ca. but doing NMRSM on just a limited part-time basis has allowed me to double my income! I also derive great satisfaction in helping people with musculoskeletal issues that didn’t respond to other traditional and non-traditional methods. I do some of my NMRSM work at a local physical therapy clinic, Body Rehab Center in Malibu, where I’ve become their “Designated Hitter” when really effective soft tissue work is desired. Being a strength coach was my first love but it may not be long before NMRSM is all that I do. Learning it is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

Jay Zemliak
Pepperdine University Head Strength Coach

Drop-ins are best

“7:30 AM – shoulder took 8 min before my scheduled 7:30 – $60
4:00 PM – explained as “mid-back pain” it was his lats – 4 min $60
Yesterday low back pain took 10 min – $100 and the guy’s father scheduled an appointment for Monday
While it is not big money in itself, it is happening more each week.”

Neil Treitman, LMT
Boston, MA

“I have taken the NMRSM course with Peter and invited him to write a chapter in my 3rd. edition of “Functional Soft Tissue Examination & Treatment by Manual Methods”. NMRSM is an excellent method of restoring function to soft tissue lesions. In one weekend you will learn an approach for the entire body. Peter is an exceptional instructor combining both his skill and philosophy making an NMRSM weekend a time well spent.”

Warren Hammer DC, MS, DABCO

Better results… less effort

“After 13 years in practice and after seeing the thick end of 100,000 patient visits, I feel that I’ve seen most of what’s out there. When I arrived on your course, I said I wanted to be more specific in my Soft Tissue Work, I wanted the same results or better, for less effort. I got that and more. I need to say thanks for impressing me. It’s good to know I’ve learnt something new and know that I’m going to be using NMRSM for the next 30 years of practice. I’m also showing the moves to my 2 associates who now think I’m more skilled & hot than I used to be! I will be sending them to the course, should you return next year, again thanks for everything.”

Christopher Binks, D.C.
52 Southway Horsforth. Leeds. LS18 5RS, England

Now in my 8th year working with NFL players

“I started working on Garrison Hearst, Jerry Rice, and other players/coaches of the San Francisco 49ers in 1998.I soon realized that I would need more than massage techniques to be effective in this arena I found Dr. Peter Levy’s web site, Neuromuscular ReeducationSM, took his seminar, practiced and became certified. I am now in my 12th year working with NFL players from the San Francisco, Oakland Raiders, to full season and Super Bowl 2005 with the Philadelphia Eagles. I couldn’t have done this without NMRSM and achieved this level of bodywork.Thank you, Dr. Levy….their endorsements of my work say it all!”

Kathy Sherrill, CMT
Yorba Linda, CA

Hands-on approach

“The best things were the hands-on approach, focus on doctor safety and Dr. Levy’s ability to teach the material and present patient management and marketing material at the same time.”

Ed Traum, D.C.
Chandler, AZ


“I have been practicing the NMRSM techniques on any willing patient the last 2 weeks. It is so fantastic. I have not had one patient that has not seen improvement. I had one patient that could not abduct his arm past 90 deg. without using his other arm. After I worked on him, he said his pain level was the same and he had no change in ROM. I was so proud of myself. I told him maybe NMRSM wasn’t the technique to help him and maybe he should try another chiropractor. He told me that I wasn’t getting rid of him that easily, that it always took him a few days after the treatment to see results. He called me that night at 9pm and told me his arm was at least 75% better and that he could abduct his arm without help from his other arm. Fantastic!! Thanks for your teaching and your insights.”

Joy Cooper, D.C.
Strasburg, CO

Best hands-on seminar ever

“This has been the best hands-on seminar that I ever went to. It has exceeded my expectations.”

Thomas Soloman, D.C.
Phoenix, AZ

Small class size

“The best parts of the seminar were the small class size, personal attention and the directness of Dr. Levy.”

John J. Bisaccia, D.C., CCSP, CSCS
Marna Bisaccia, D.C. Williston, VT

NMRSM is very effective

“You could see and feel the results of the work being done. NMRSM is very effective and I appreciate the assistance, thorough presentation of the technique and the open-mindedness of the instructor with answers given to the questions.”

Deborah Beaulieu, LMT
Hollis, NH

Spoiled me for other courses

“Could I make a complaint? The NMRSM weekend back in 2005 was one of the first chiropractic courses I did after graduating and it has basically spoiled me for other courses. So many courses promise techniques that you can ‘learn in a weekend and apply on Monday Morning’ but so far NMRSM is the only one that actually lived up to the promise NMRSM is an important part of my practice now. I’ve been to other courses in the last several years, and none of them have been as useful as the NMRSM weekend. Keep up the good work.”

David Hallam, DC
United Kingdom

Hands-on work with no fluff

“The detailed hands-on work with no fluff and strong emphasis on how to apply the technique and transition your practice with a simple financial structure was great. I especially liked the “results-oriented” effects of treatment dovetailed with a “no results, no charge” marketing approach to patients.”

Seth Wolin, D.C.
Armonk, NY

Technique is exactly what I was looking for

“The best aspect of the seminar was getting to watch Dr. Levy work on the problem cases that participants brought in. This information and technique is exactly what I was looking for to deal with difficult cases.”

Frank Navratil, D.C.
Torrance, CA

Best aspect of the seminar was the amount of personal help

“I thought the best aspect of the seminar was the amount of personal help and instruction from both Dr. Levy and his assistant, Doug. Their help was most beneficial in making it understandable and applicable.”

Nicholle Beloat, LMT
Glendale, AZ

Presented with detail

“The material was presented in a manner, and with enough detail, to be utilized immediately and to expect results. I am not new to soft tissue therapy and have had great results with my knowledge and practice so far. But Dr. Levy took a patient that I could only get to a certain point, and broke through the wall that both I and the patient had come up against.”

John P. Lane, D.C.
Mesa, AZ

I’m so fired up!

“It’s Monday night. I worked on 4 low backs, 1 knee and a pregnant woman’s obturator internus. She was due last Friday and has had twelve months of SI pain from an auto accident. I have helped but not relieved her until now. I also found and corrected 6 A-P cervicals. This along with my usual day. Thanks for everything- it was great and I am so fired up. This sounds like every cheesy testimonial except I already loved my practice and got great results but this is that extra mile. On the drive home I thought of every patient that I only partially helped or didn’t help. Thanks to you I already have the tools to help them. It was a really complete seminar. Thank you and I’ll see you again after I’ve practiced awhile.”

John Zimmerman, DC
Fort Collins, CO

Almost all hands-on

“The program is almost all hands-on and experiential learning. This makes it easy to go back to the office on Monday morning and begin using it.”

Tim Annis, D.C.
Ogden, UT

It’s arrived! Many Thanks!

“I attended the level 1 NMRSM course in London 2011, I thought my anatomy knowledge was ok, but as a result of this course, it’s now great, it really made me brush up on the detail, so useful. It was a packed schedule, not one minute wasted. Dr Levy is a generous and confidence-inspiring teacher, by the end of the course you really do have a new skill to use in your clinic.

As a technique, it feels thorough, detailed, and gives great results, usually straight away. People love it, come back to get worked on over and over, as what was their “bad” side becomes better than their “good” side! then they pass my cards on to their friends and family. As a practitioner it has been amazing to find something that makes a big difference very quickly, & am enjoying work even more.

The DVDs are worth every penny!”

Sophie Carrdus, DC
McTimoney Chiropractor UK

In 15 minutes it was 90% better!

“I couldn’t wait to apply this. I have been suffering from a shoulder injury since November and after Dr. Levy worked on it for 15 minutes it was 90% better!!! Amazing stuff!! Hands! Hands! Hands! They’re your BEST TOOLS !!!”

Diana A. Scott, D.C.
Union City, CA

Take the challenge and learn this stuff!

“Dr. Peter Levy delivers on his promise to teach an intense workshop in techniques that are in high demand by athletes and by the general public. NMRSM has been a winner in my practice. Patients are encouraged by the immediate results that they feel: especially after osseous work alone didn’t give them what they’d hoped for. After I had taken just one weekend workshop, my patients felt they benefited more from this work than from multiple sessions by seasoned Rolfers. Take the challenge and learn this stuff!”

Stuart C. Marmorstein, D.C.
New York, NY

How great it was to repeat your seminar

“I can hardly tell you how great it was to repeat your seminar/workshop. I knew after the first workshop that this technique was going to add a new dimension to my practice and it did just that. A patient with a near debilitating shoulder injury is back to full exercise after 4 sessions. Another, quit training for a marathon at 18 miles. After just three sessions she completed training and the marathon. I knew I could use some more experience and technique improvement and that is exactly what I got after repeating the workshop. Instead of trying to concentrate on so many different aspects at one time, the second time I was able to focus on the parts that I need; especially body language so as not to hurt myself! Your attention and fine-tuning was exactly what I needed. Thanks for the great work and desire. PS: I am now treating Steve Sokol who is ranked as the “World’s Fittest Man”

John D. Young, DC
San Jose, CA

Thanks very much for helping me make “light years” of progress

“I wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting you this past Saturday and how thankful that I am for the time that you spent working on my “problem” areas. My left shoulder has more range of motion than I’ve experienced in twenty years. In fact when I was practicing my yoga on Sunday, I was surprised at my ability to move deeper into some of the poses that have been difficult for me to perform. The work that you did on freeing up my diaphragm, did just that. I thought that I had been breathing deeply but after the session, I realized that my breath was fairly shallow. It feels so good to be able to really take a deep breath and I’m convinced that the long-term effects will bring even greater peace of mind. Also, as a result of the work that you did on my low back, I don’t feel twisted in my pelvis any longer. Now when I sit, I feel planted and solid and there’s definitely much greater movement in my hips. After having been consciously working to free the constrictions in my body for the past twenty years, you were able to release my shoulders and pelvis in thirty minutes. I’m definitely excited about the immediate effects of this process and enthusiastic about the longer-term benefits. Once again Dr. Levy, thanks very much for helping me make “light years” of progress in my attempt to create openness and stability in my body.”

Diane Dombeck
Chicago, IL

Showed quick results with chronic problem areas

“This workshop far exceeded my expectations. It was easy to apply and showed quick results with chronic problem areas. There was enough “hands on” work with personal one on one attention and a small group setting.”

Stacy Conrad, D.C.,CCSP, CCEP
Carmel, IN

Didn’t believe I would see miracles, especially this soon

“I want to start by saying that I didn’t believe I would see miracles, especially this soon. A little lady of 89 years walked into the office today wanting a consultation only. She had two 4×6 note cards of what meds she was taking and what was hurting or not working. She complained of her grip was gone and needed surgery for carpal tunnel. I felt her grip and asked if I may try a procedure on her. She was delighted to tell me she was more than willing since the last two doctors told her she was old and surgery was the only answer. After 5 minutes of working the flexors and extensors of both wrist her grip was sufficient to squeeze my three with firm pressure. She stated “I haven’t had that force in a couple of years. Then she asked if I could help her shoulder or her hip to walk. She has a frozen right shoulder but wanted to walk more than use her shoulder. Upon walking I noticed she had very little hip extension. So I figured you don’t know till you try. I worked on her gluteus maximus first and she walked with a noticeable more extension of the hip. Next I did her gluteus medius and minimus. I told her to walk again and to try to extend her leg. The miracle happened as she walked more and more her normal gait was returning. Then I asked how long has this been going on in the hip. She stated 5 years since she fell in the garage and broke her hip. To see a person so appreciative of ones work was worth the price of the seminar. It was a fun day in the office. Thanks for the education to deliver the goods and know its the right thing to do!!!”

Stephen (Pete) Taylor , D.C.
Xenia, OH

Rescheduled herself… just like you said patients would

“Thanks for a great seminar in Chicago. My shoulder is much better. I’m excited about using NMRSM on my patients. At first, I was going to practice on family and friends before working on patients. But I thought it would be down right unethical to keep such a wonderful tool as NMRSM from my patients. So I started using NMRSM on everyone. My first patient had back surgery five years ago and retired on disability from work. I used the lumbar techniques and got good improvement. Then I worked on his hamstrings and he got up off the table smiling. And he scheduled his next appointment for Thursday without me asking him… just like you said patient’s would. The second patient was a 70-year-old female who fell on Saturday. I told her I had learned some new things at a seminar and thought they might help her. I used the lumbar protocol on her and she was delighted. She gave me a hug and said to be sure and give a hug to the person who taught me….and also rescheduled herself. I worked on two shoulders with good results, even though I had to use the manual to cover all the muscles. I told the patients that even pilots with 30 years of experience follow a flight check list and the manual was my check list. Even the hard to please patients were excited about the results. Thanks again to you, Doug and Brian for teaching me this great technique. I look forward to seeing you in Indianapolis.”

Mike Vogel, D.C.
Yorktown, VA

IMMEDIATE results in pain reduction

“The best part of the seminar was gaining IMMEDIATE results in pain reduction and improvement in range of motion. I will be working with many patients using this technique in the next two months and then take a refresher course in Denver. GREAT MATERIAL!! GREAT TECHNIQUE!! GREAT PERSONALIZED INSTRUCTION!! You, Brian and Doug were AWESOME!!!”

William Nelson, ND
Colorado Springs, CO

Worth the investment

“Dr. Levy’s class is well worth the investment. You get an amazing amount of personal instruction during the class. You also get more information than you can absorb in a short weekend, but the reference materials you take home are the best I’ve seen. This treatment works quickly and effectively. A decade ago, a horse accident left me with injuries that caused my chest to slowly cave in and my shoulders to “hunch” and roll forward. After a few sessions, my chest opened up and my shoulders rolled back and down. I can breathe and move much more freely now, and all my friends want to know why I look so different! I urge you to take the class & help the suffering masses!”

Alice D. (Ali) Lindsey, M.S., LMT
Phoenix, AZ

One treatment, 40% better!

“Monday after your seminar a patient brought in her daughter with a chief complaint of unremitting low back and hip pain for 1 1/2 years. She had seen everyone: M.D., Orthopedist, taken pain killers, had MRIs, CAT scans and even seen chiropractors. After one treatment the coldness in her foot was gone and the low back and hip were 40% better. Do I love this technique or what?”

Brian Bigelow, D.C.
Nashua, NH

Patients are scheduling themselves

“Taking Dr. Levy’s Neuromuscular ReeducationSM seminar has transformed both me and my practice. I had low back pain, wasn’t able to sleep through the night and had been treated by many different professionals in an attempt to solve the problem. After one NMRSM session at the seminar I have slept every night without any lower back pain for the last week. The results, in my practice, have been outstanding! My office staff is turned on, patients are scheduling themselves, and the energy and excitement is infectious. Patient visits and referrals have increased….all because of the results I have been getting doing NMRSM. I highly recommend this seminar to any professional interested in getting their patients well, quickly.”

Don Lathrop, D.C.
Olympia, WA

The philosophy you presented is classy….like this seminar

“I liked learning how to apply the specific knowledge as a powerful tool in changing the biomechanics of the body. I like the technique, and the philosophy of health you presented is classy….like this seminar.”

Andy Chiem, D.C.
Seattle, WA

Back to it’s pre-injury status in one session

“My right shoulder was injured when I played high school football. The NMRSM work on my neck and shoulder brought my shoulder back to it’s pre-injury status in one session! It now has a full range of motion and feels as good as it did 25 years ago.”

Stephen J. Hill, D.C.
Los Angeles, CA

Everything I had hoped for

“Dr. Levy’s seminar was effective, energetic and transformational. What an amazing tool NMRSM is! It was everything I had hoped for and so much more. Thank you, Dr. Levy, for helping me strive to reach a new potential.”

Paul J. Beane, D.C.
San Diego, CA

I was amazed

“I came to the seminar to learn a great new technique but came away with an added suprise. I have had knee pain for the past 6 months maybe even year. I had not even thought of having it worked on until I saw the results you were getting with some of the patients that were brought in. After you worked on my knee it felt much better. When I got off the plane I couldn’t believe how good my knee felt. It was a pleasure to walk. When I got home and got out of the car I was AMAZED! My knee felt like it was 15-20 years younger. I guess it felt like it should have. The trouble is my other knee now feels 15-20 years older than it should. I guess I will save that for your next seminar. Thanks so much!!!”

Dan Carlow, D.C.
Gilbert, AZ

A chiropractic dream

“I have a patient that I have treated for years with chronic neck and LBP. He is a massage therapist and a big guy (6’3” 240). I have worked on him 3 times and he says it’s the best he has felt in 15 years. I have had very little success with any osseous movement with him in the past but after NMRSM, I just position him and things fall into place. He says he has gone from a chiropractors nightmare, to a chiropractic dream because he’s so “easy” now. One other success story. High school football player/power lifter, chronic LBP, lumbar flexion about 8” from the floor. After one session LB and Hams, he touched the floor after 2 sessions he placed his palms on the floor. His squat has improved 45 lbs. in 2 weeks. That’s better than steroids. The best thing about it is that his mother is the post MVA neck above who brought him in after her first session with NMRSM because of her RESULTS!! There’s a hell-of-a marketing scheme, “Get people better and they will tell someone else.” Funny how that works!!!”

Diran Lancaster, DC.
Bowie, TX

Hands-on training

“The best aspect of the program was the hands-on training. I felt ready to utilize the technique on Monday morning after the seminar.”

Jeff Tosch, D.C.
Warwick, RI

Excellent seminar

“Thanks once again for an excellent seminar. This seminar tied everything together for me. This may sound corny, but I don’t know if you can understand what this seminar meant to me. First, it was vindication of the significance of muscles in pain syndromes and secondly, that one could be successful providing such a service. I felt all alone in my quest for a fast, effective muscle treatment. At the time your flyer arrived in the mail, I was working on my resume to return to the ‘business world’ which I escaped years ago. It was my wife’s urging that prompted me to call you. It’s funny how things happen isn’t it?”

Joe Tokarz, D.C
Hanover, MA

21 referrals in the last 3 weeks

“I would like to take this time to say thanks for teaching such an effective technique in NMRSM. I took your course about a month ago and I am having amazing results in just this short amount of time using NMRSM. I am using it on 100% of my patients, along with adjustments and find it is so effective that it usually takes just a few visits to resolve the problem completely. I have used other soft tissue techniques in the past but none come close to the effectiveness of NMRSM. The patients love the results and I have received 21 referrals in the last 3 weeks. I would recommend this to any chiropractor who is looking for better and faster results.”

Larry Davis, D.C.
Dallas, TX

In two words… thank you

“In two words, thank you! Thank you for what I have taken as the gift I received from taking your NMRSM workshop. The gift of superior knowledge to what I had in the realm of soft tissue work. It has certainly changed the way I approach my patients now and has been well-received by them because the work produces such fast results.”

Richard B. Hamilton, D.C.
Ukiah, CA

Unbelievable results

“I was somewhat skeptical about soft tissue work and didn’t really value it much. I took the Neuromuscular ReeducationSM seminar because it was close to my house and I needed the C.E.Credits. This stuff is exactly what you said it would be!!! I’ve seen unbelievable results in a super short time, try it and you’ll never be the same. If you have any doubts please call me at my office.”

Steven Dennis, D.C.
Phoeniz, AZ

What chiropractic care should be

“I just wanted to thank you again for a fantastic seminar. Your philosophy of what chiropractic care should be is refreshing.”

Amy Mooney, D.C.
Townsend, MA

Only course of therapy that will get results

“This totally changed my stance in deep tissue work. I know now that at times it is the most beneficial and only course of therapy that will get results. The best aspect of the program was the hands-on time so that I was thoroughly able to grasp each position before moving to the next concept.”

Terri Henderson, LMT
Rutland, VT

The sky is the limit

“Dear Peter, I would just like to say thank you for such an inspiring and exciting weekend. I feel as though the ceiling of my knowledge for my practice has been removed and quite literally the sky is the limit for a lifetime of learning and exploring this amazing vehicle we are enclosed in—the human body. I am also saying thank you for the amount of personal attention, as well the time you took to personally treat some specific problems of mine …some of which I have either chosen to be oblivious to for a very long time… or have blatantly denied. I feel so enthusiastic … and for me, this is a landmark moment!!! It was an honor, a pleasure and privilege that I am grateful for, to have been able to play in your “seminar sandbox”! Many thanks…and I will check in with you in a couple of weeks to let you know how it is going.”

Roan J Gustin, LMT

The patient knows and sees for themselves that they are better

“I have been in practice since 1989. In that time I have taken many classes, and have tried many techniques. We all want to do the best we can to help our patients. This is the first time that I have ever taken a class that not only worked on day one, but actually made me excited to go to the office every day.
When you find the injury, the patients know that you have found the lesion, when you retest after treating the lesion, they see the improvement. There is no need for salesmanship, the patient knows and sees for themselves that they are better. I have never had a patient ask if they could come in the next day before. This is wonderful.”

Marc Drillings, D.C.

Dr. Levy takes you in 15 minutes where most Doctors won’t take you in 15 visits

“One of the reasons I took this seminar was to get worked on myself. I have to say that after he worked on my right shoulder with the NMRSM he teaches in the class he was able to take away a positive apprehension test and make the shoulder feel like it was never injured(and it was dislocated more than 100 times). The feeling but more importantly the functioning of the shoulder complex was nothing short of phenomenal! Dr. Levy takes you in 15 minutes where most Doctors won’t take you in 15 visits. His understanding of the body and how it functions, how to break up adhesions, and “re-educate” the body to perform optimally is well worth the seminar fee. His session for the shoulder in particular is undervalued… no Doctor has ever done what he can do and hopefully teach you to do…in the 15 minute protocol. Invest in this most worthwhile seminar.”

Bernard Musselman, RN, CSCS, DC, CCSP
Long Beach, CA

“The seminar in Neuromuscular ReeducationSM is the single most important improvement in my practice.”

James Von Hipple, D.C.

“NMRSM is exceptional work…very effective.”

John Barone, D.C.